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Windows are portals to the outside world from the comfort of your home.  However, sometimes the sunshine or prying eyes can be too much.  Adding blinds or shades to a window not only protects you from the outside elements, but more importantly it increases your privacy.  There are many types and styles that can best suit your specific needs and budgets.

Bates Interior Design is a Centurion dealer of Hunter Douglas blinds and shades.  As the world’s largest manufacturer and foremost leader in the industry, Hunter Douglas offers a blend of forward design combined with innovative functionality.  Our experts in Blinds will come to your home to give you a free estimate and help you choose the options that best suite your needs and lifestyle.

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    Windows and Walls

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    Benefits Of Adding Custom Blinds to Your Home


    Blinds can add elegance and style to any room. Express your own unique look with the style of blinds you select; from a simple and minimalist look all the way to a big and bold aesthetic.  When out of the way, most blinds simply go unnoticed leaving the beauty of the room unchanged.


    The style of the blind you choose will also provide various amounts of privacy.  You can get a range of protection from slightly transparent to full block.  Shades and sheers allow you to still see outside while offering minimal protection by prying eyes.  For full privacy, you can choose blackout blinds to completely shield you from the outside.  Blinds offer privacy that other types of window furnishings cannot provide.


    With blinds you can control the amount of sunshine you want in your room.  When closed completely, some blinds can provide total shade inside any room.  When opened, they can allow the full sunlight to flood into your space.  The best part about blinds is that you can control the amount of light in between.  This is important depending on seasons and the direction your room faces.  


    Depending on the blinds you choose for your home, can have the benefit making your house more energy efficient.  In heat of the summer, keep your blinds more closed to keep your space cooler and reducing air conditioning.  In the colder days having your blinds open lets in the sunshine in and heats up the room. So, blinds help moderate temperature inside a room, and can reduce costs your air conditioning and/or heating, depending on the time of year.

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      Windows and Walls

      Inquiring about: BlindsDraperyWallpaper

      Custom Drapery

      add a signature elegance

      For many centuries, the use of custom drapery has been, and still remains, the most fashionable way to enhance any room’s appearance.  Drapery is very versatile and  gives you the ability to custom tailor the look of any room from simple to distinguished.  When looking at custom drapery, you need to take some things into consideration such as your lighting conditions, the warmth in the room, sun exposure, your privacy needs, and the overall aesthetics you are looking to create in the room. 

      Bates Interior Designs specializes in creating the perfect drapery look for any room in your home.  Our extensive selection of fabrics and accessories can turn any room into a showcase space.  Let our experts come to your home to give you a free estimate and help you choose the options that best suite your needs and lifestyle.

      Benefits Of Adding Custom Drapery To Your Home


      Simply put: drapery adds height to your room. Your eyes are naturally drawn up when looking at drapes and can gives the appearance of grandness to the room.  The height of draperies is the biggest difference between store bought and custom.  Store-bought drapes come in fixed sizes but not all rooms are created equal.  So homes with higher ceilings and/or larger windows, need that special treatment that store bought cannot cover.


      Just like other window treatments, the style of drapery you choose will also provide various amounts of privacy.  Drapes not only protect from prying eyes but also from noise from the outside world.  Depending on your style, they can completely block our harmful UV rays to protect furnishings.  It can also “blackout” a room to help you sleep better.  Drapes can offer privacy that other types of window furnishings cannot provide.


      Unlike other window treatments, drapery allows you to further customize the look by adding the right hardware.  You can create the perfect finishing touches that will bring the room alive. You can choose the colour and finish of the rod, style of mounting brackets, the shapes and shine of finials (the jewels that cap the rod), and even decide the holdbacks in your drapery design.  As is with your fabric selection, hardware choices and combinations are unlimited.


      You have the right drapery, now you need to select the right drapery lining.  Certain lining treatments can act as insulators.  It can prevent cool air from leaking in and warm air from seeping out, keeping you either chilled or toasty.  Depending on the drapery you choose for your home, it can have the benefit of making your house more energy efficient.  So like blinds, the right drapery and insulation lining can help manage room temperature, and reduce your energy costs throughout the seasons.

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      make walls come alive

      Age old question: paint or wallpaper?  Both have advantages but wallpaper can make a room come alive. It is the perfect décor product for a truly customized look that can add a subtle or dramatic texture and dimension to any space. Do a whole room or  just a feature wall with patterns that tie and harmonize all the elements in a room.  With endless patterns and colours the only thing limiting you is your imagination.

      Bates Interior Designs carries and extensive selection of wallpaper colours and patterns from the top industry suppliers.  Come to our showroom to peruse our catalog of beautiful options available to you.  Then let our wallpaper experts come to your home to give you a free estimate and help you choose the options that best suit your needs and lifestyle.

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        Windows and Walls

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        Benefits Of Adding Custom Wallpaper To Your Home


        Wallpaper comes in a amazing array of designs and colours.  Find the special look that enhances the entire room and ties in with the rest of the decor.  Or take up a notch with an incredible selection of beautiful effects like pearl and glitter, raised inks, suede, gels, beads, foils, embossed silk textures, and more.


        When done properly, wallpaper can last 15+ years which is about 3 times as long as painting — paint fades over time and requires a fresh coat every few years.  In fact, over the lifetime of the wallpaper, it is much more cost effective than painting.  Most wallpaper today is coated to some degree so it can be kept cleaner easier than paint and does not fade with cleaning.  


        Wallpaper is very versatile in its usage.  You can do an entire room or simple create an accent wall.  It can be used in conjunction with paint by adding a decorative border, and there is even wallpaper you can paint on to give you a more customized look.  With so many options to choose from, your only limited by your vision.


        The one thing that wallpaper has over paint is the ability to have texture.  You can select from a number of finishes that makes the wall become multi-dimensional, look like a brick wall, or even a landscape.  An added benefit to this is that because wallpaper has dimensions, it can easily hide imperfections in a wall.

        Excel Homes

        We cannot recommend Dawn highly enough. She was dedicated to creating a space that met both our company’s aesthetic and functional needs, while making our show homes look incredible. She made sense of what we were needing and distilled them into a cohesive and livable space – turning a blank canvas into beautiful home.

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        Collaborating with Bates Design

        "Collaborating with Bates Design has provided me with a great selection of products; upholstery, case goods and accessories, as well as allowed me to offer customers and clients varied design styles. They have supplied us with furnishings that cover the spectrum of traditional to contemporary as well as transitional goods that are suitable in many settings for many tastes. Working with them has allowed me to keep my storage and inventory costs down without sacrificing quality or style. Product is always from reputable suppliers that produce quality goods. Bates Design is always quick to respond to last minute requests and installation is done efficiently and thoroughly. It’s a pleasure working with them."

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        "Wow, is the word I hear most often when people walk through the front door of my home for the first time. I have used Dawn to design/furnish my last 2 homes and they look simple incredible. Dawn took the time to understand my personality and style which makes the ordering/decision making process simple. With everything precisely measured and strategically placed it accentuated the features of the house to perfection. I know my goals of having a clean looking, prestigious, show home caliber house with a “wow” factor is achieved every time someone comes through the front door. It is typical for friends to walk in, stop in their tracks, have a deer in the headlights look, smirk and then say WOW. Great Job Dawn."

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